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Welcome to our websites! We manufacture herbal and fruit syrups, jams and baked teas with a focus on unconventional superfruit (significantly fruits rich in vitamins and other substances) such as Sea buckthorn, Melanchier and Aronia. One of our long-term goals is to promote the market consumption of natural foods commonly some growing herbs such as lemon balm, mint, sage. We syrups are made from fresh herbs that we grow ourselves. We are reaping them handly sunny weather, when they have the highest content of essential oils and active substances, immediately then further processed manually. Our herbal syrups retain the natural scent of the herbs are very tasty, some of them can be used long term, other help in other acute or chronic trouble!

We offer 11 kinds of baked teas. All contain sea buckthorn, aronia or serviceberry and newly cranberries, a distinctive fruit and spicy taste. Fruit teas contain only fruit and sugar or other natural sweetener. We also offer pear tea, sea, ginger without sweetening or several products sweetened with stevia only, fructose or drop Czech honey. Fruit comes from our own garden. The biggest part but directly from Czech growers buy mostly organic quality without chemical treatment.

News: We managed to establish cooperation with Herbal Garden of Chotěšov monastery and because we are once again available sage syrup. Fresh products are delicious autumn pears - we recommend gentle pear jam with hippophae or baked pear tea, sea, ginger, cinnamon. Sorry, serviceberry products are sold out for this year, the same situation is in fine jam Blackberries with hippophae. Aronia syrup is available again. Newly also have Aronia juice 100% or Aronia juice with stevia and fructose.

We offer three flavors of Chilli jam. Chilli jam with ginger and garlic is a sharp one pepper and tastes even those who do not like too sharp. Chilli jam with peppers and apple is sharper. Chilli with oranges is the most spicy. Newly we have Chilli jam with oranges EXTRA double dose of fresh chilli. The products were cooked just five minutes and have a wonderful red color include manually processed vegetables.

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Aronie in summer Mint in spring Muchovník in summer Melisse in spring Goya in spring
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